2018 Annual Proficiency Review Changes
Administrators Message March 16,2018

Today I am pleased to announce changes to the 2018 Annual Proficiency Review (APR) program as part of my commitment to you - our frontline employees.

Since joining TSA last August, I have made it a top priority to visit many field locations in order to have direct and frank conversations with you and your colleagues. From these discussions, I gained an even better understanding of the challenges you face. I listened to your concerns and heard your desire that we conduct APR assessments in the live operational environment. I agree.

Therefore, TSA will implement a new APR process for calendar year (CY) 2018, to include the following elements:

These changes reflect a critical component of my vision for TSA and my commitment to you.

Together, we will improve security performance by fostering an environment of continual learning, encouraging critical thinking and leadership skills, and instilling shared organizational values at all levels of our organization.
Quarterly Practical Skills Observations (PSOs), which will replace yearly Practical Skills Evaluations (PSEs).
Supervisory Transportation Security Officers (STSOs) will conduct the PSOs in a live operational environment.
Security Training Instructors (STIs) or designated officials will conduct PSOs for STSOs.

STSOs & STIs/designated officials will receive Instructor-led PSO training to reinforce a standardized PSO process.

The Image Mastery Assessment (IMA) requirement will be replaced with the use of existing tools to monitor image interpretation proficiency on an ongoing basis. These tools include X-Ray PSOs, TRX quarterly sessions, and Threat-Image Projection (TIP) data.

Progressive Coaching will replace the current remediation process. This approach is designed to identify the root cause for any deficiency and customize coaching and training activities to address it.

On-Screen Alarm Resolution Protocol (OSARP) annual assessments will not change.