Local 1040 TOPS Resource Center
Transportation Officers Performance System (TOPS)

TOPS;  TSA's pay for performance system for Bargaining Unit Employees (BUE). 

TSA employees are not covered under Title 5 Law, which includes the General Pay Schedule (GS), and DO NOT receive in-grade step increases as other federal employees, as well as employees of other agencies within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  Pay for performance is a competitive pay system. Employees compete against their co-works to obtain a  high performance rating to receive their pay increase for the evaluation cycle. Yearly pay increases are based on your TOPS final multiple score rating.

Local 1040 eBoard has developed a training session to give BUE the tools needed to write your voluntary self-assessment to provide input to your TOPS rating official.  A self assessment input to your rating official is a valuable tool in boosting your TOPS annual final performance multiple score.

Below are the PowerPoint presentations (presented during the training sessions), the DHS Employee Performance Plan and Appraisal Form (TSO/LTSO/BDO/STI/EMT), with the TOPS self-assessment forms.

DHS Employee Performance Plan and Appraisal, Self-Assessment Forms
and Presentations