BRIEF February 15 2018

NATIONAL - Shutdown Update: The Shutdown is Over, Short-Term Budget Passed Through Mar. 23. President J. David Cox Sr. issued the following statement:

“Congress and the administration have only themselves to blame for failing to keep the federal government open. This shutdown is a direct result of lawmakers continuing to punt the ball instead of having the courage to make the tough decisions that we elected them to do.”

Tell Lawmakers: Pass a Long-term Spending Bill Benefiting Defense & Non-Defense Agencies
D.C: (844) 669-5146 District Offices: (888) 775-3148

GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN – With a shutdown possible once again on Mar 23 Congress is actually threatening to shut down the Department of Homeland Security, the parent agency of TSA. And that means TSA officers will still have to work because their job is considered essential. They just won’t get paid. TSO’s love what they do. They know their jobs matter. They are proud to serve. But they also have a family to support. Congress needs to keep all Federal employees and their families in mind whenever they disagree on things and want to shut down the government.

AFGE's 2018 Legislative Grassroots Mobilization Conference – On a national level our Legislative and Political Coordinator (LPC) Sandra Felix and Robert Milhollin are in DC, Feb 11-14, meeting with Senators and Representatives in hopes that they stop attacking our pay, retirement, benefits, and employee rights. We must educate our elected officials about the value of our work and the importance of our workplace rights. Together, we will build a stronger pro-worker bipartisan coalition in the 115th Congress.

COUNCIL 100 – As stated on the brief in Jan, C100 has requested a meeting with Administrator Pekoske to discuss the high Attrition Rate better compensate our Rank and File (BUE). As of this writing none have been taken.

STEWARD TRAINING (CBA/UDRS) – Instructors from C100 will be having steward training on Feb 26 – Mar 2, 2018 here in the Dallas area. Local union official has been coordinating with management on those that will be attending the training. Many have shown an interest and because of operation needs more training will be schedule between April – July.

LOCALLY - Membership meeting 2/22/2018. Your union official understands that having these meeting schedule at these times will not give all member the opportunity to attend these meeting. This is the why the membership meeting notification distribution is sent out at least a month prior to the meeting so members can make arrangement to attend these meetings.

UNION REPRESENTATION – As per TSA MD 1100-63.3 and mandated federal law, Weingarten Rights “EMPLOYEE’S RIGHT TO UNION REPRESENTATION” TSOs are entitled to have personal representation; if the individual feels that responding to questioning at any investigation could lead to an adverse or disciplinary action are entitled to union representation. The TSO must invoke this right by asking for union representation. A pre – decision is a form of an investigation and you are entitled to union representation.


In Solidarity,

LP Rudy Garcia

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