BRIEF December
NATIONAL - Thanks to negotiations between Congress and the administration, a continuing resolution has been passed to stop the government from shutting down. The deal keeps the federal government open until December 22, and allows the more than 850,000 potentially furloughed working people to continue to serve the American public. AFGE expressed concern about a potential shutdown happening in just a few weeks' time. (December 22)

COUNCIL 100 - The National Resolution Center (NRC) and TSA has informed Council 100 and AFGE a new publication on how TSA will process a grievance. The new grievance process is to be implemented 12/14/17. Council is requesting a meeting with LMR to discuss to have the new process to be implemented next month. Will keep all updated.

STEWARDS TRAINING - Last month Council 100 completed training on UDRS/CBA here in Dallas. A new schedule for USRS/CBA training will be sent to all local presidents to coordinate with management on training dates for the upcoming training.

LOCAL - The union is well aware of many issues/concerns of TSO's. And as stated in the TSA Administrators Determination "union official server as advocate for those employees who choose not to advance their concerns themselves". Once again, the eBoard is asking for statements from BUE concerning issues, getting these statements help in our effort to look into these issues/concerns by being an advocate for the bargaining unit employee.  In order to discuss at our monthly Labor/Management (LM) meeting the union must have an agenda submitted to management on topics that will be discussed. To prepare this agenda these statements need to be sent directly to Local President (LP) Rudy Garcia ( These statements need to be to your LP by the third Monday for DAL, and the third Wednesday for DFW of each month.  The LM meeting is held on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

MEMBERSHIP MEETING - The last meeting was held on 12/12/2017, once again there was a very good turnout. The eBoard informed membership that there are plans in work to have a steward on call at the airport, in order to have a steward available for BUE when needing a union representative. At this time the eBoard is working on the logistics and hope to have this up and running soon. This steward will not be in a "TSA Duty" status, but will be there if a TSO needs union help. Our next membership meeting will be in January date TBD.

STEWARD TRAINING - The eBoard is coordinating with management on dates. Still needing stewards for both DFW & DAL. Contact LP ( if you are interested in becoming a steward. You can also go to our website to get information on the stewardship or to

COMMITTEES - Management has informed the union that these notices will be posting soon. As per CBA the LP has input on who will serve on these committees, so if interested in these committees submit your name for consideration when the committee notification is posted by management.

Article 4

12. (c.) If a bargaining unit employee cancels approved annual leave two (2) or more weeks in advance, management will post first-come-first-serve leave slots for the same days on the annual leave calendar.

16.Annual Leave Calendar:

c. The annual leave calendar will show annual leave bid lines (selected during the annual leave bid), day at a time leave slots (selected during the annual leave bid), and annual leave awarded on a first-come-first-served basis).  The annual leave calendar will not include unscheduled annual leave.

d. The annual leave calendar will show all available and unavailable dates, the number of available annual leave slots, and the name of the bargaining unit employee(s) using annual leave on each calendar day.

e. Management will update the annual leave calendar at least once per pay period.

The eBoard would like to wish all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and a joyous holiday season. Be safe and enjoy your time with your friends and family. If you have to travel be safe and if you have to work also be safe and vigilant.

In Solidarity,

LP Rudy Garcia

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