BRIEF October 15, 2017

NATIONAL -  On 9/29/2017, Executive Order 13522 of December 9, 2009 Creating Labor-Management Forums to Improve Delivery of Government Services has been disbanded by the President. They are meetings that are held on

the national level by Labor and LMR to discuss implication of CBAs by all Federal agencies. As stated in the order "Federal employees and their union representatives are an essential source of front-line ideas and information about the realities of delivering Government services to the American people." As we receive updates on how this will affect our local LM meeting will inform all. Please take out your personal cell phone (never your government phone) and text "AFGE" to 225568 to subscribe to text message updates.

Rising health insurance - These rates will leave less money in your pocket. Federal employees and retirees will pay 6.1 percent more for health insurance premiums next year, the Office of Personnel Management announced  on 10/4/2017. On average, enrollees in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) will pay an additional $5.57 every two weeks for self-only coverage, $12.55 for self-plus-one plans, and $12.17 for family coverage. Enrollees can select new coverage, make changes to their existing coverage, or cancel enrollment during the annual open season, which runs from Nov. 13 to Dec. 11

Need Our Help- AFGE has partnered with the Federal Employees Education and Assistance Fund (FEEA) to manage disaster relief efforts and assist government employees as they recover from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. The fund is made up of donations by AFGE affiliates that are earmarked exclusively for AFGE members in need of disaster assistance.

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House of Representatives -  Voted to approve a budget that mandates cuts to your pay and retirement. Every AFGE member and every federal employee will be impacted by these cuts if we do not act now. Calling your member of Congress is easy. The Senate will vote and it's imperative that you call your Senator to voice your concerns of all the cuts to Federal employees.

                             Dial 1 (844) 669-5146 and listen to the script, then enter your zip code.

Council 100 - Will be having training of stewards on the new CBA. Because of the growth of our local, we are in need of stewards particularly the PM shifts. This is one of many that the local will be having, so interested individuals should contact a union official to submit your name for the next training. Remember knowledge is a valuable tool and to better understand those challenges/ issues to the TSOs.

Local - The final TOPs review is here! When you sign your TOPS review, get a copy of the final rating and the rating officials summary sheet for your personal record. If you think you may want to file a grievance contact a union official to start the process.

Rudy Garcia    (202) 341-0205
Johnny Jones    (214) 477-3991
Sandra Felix    (340) 277-6470
Christian Brown    (817) 706-2763
Emilia Garcia    (361) 739-7669
Richard Hahn    (972) 510-4273
Becky Mancha    (214) 549-0926

DFW- Has posted the notice of the shift bid. Union has met with Schedule Committee to discuss slots, BDOs and the cross over. There are some BDOs that will be LTSO in PAX. Will meet with management to discuss the implementation of the shift bid (1/21/2018) and the annual leave bid.

On pre- decisional meeting, DFW management has not given TSOs ample time to get a union representative to these meeting. Management should inform you by email so that you have the opportunity to contact a union official to be present at these meeting. Always check your email and if they don't inform you let a union official know.

DAL - Have completed both their shift bid and annual leave bid. Will meet with management to discuss concerns/issues with both shift bid and annual leave bid. First-come-first-serve leave slots will be posted soon. 

Union Plus - Dedicated to union members. Union Plus Has benefits exclusive for members, plus a $10,000 free accidentally death coverage. To see all the benefits entitled to you as union member go to:


Membership Meeting - Next membership meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 11/14/2017, Golden Corral, Irving, TX. The NEW Member rebates of $100/100 is still in effect. With the holidays closing in on us, this is a way to earn extra $$. Remember you show your unity and strength by the number of union members.    Organize, Organize, Organize!!!

Article 4


12. First-Come-First-Served Annual Leave: After the annual leave bid concludes, any annual leave bid lines and day at a time leave slots not selected will be made available on a first come-first-served basis as set forth per CBA (a-b).

a. For annual leave bid lines and the day at a time leave slots not selected during the annual leave bid, management will 1) convert the annual leave bid lines and day at a time leave slots to first-come-first-served leave slots, and 2) redistribute the first-come-first-served leave slots on the annual leave calendar based on operational needs. The first-come-first served leave slots may be limited by workgroup, shift, and/or location (e.g., terminal, checkpoint, baggage location).

b. After management completes Section E.12.a, the FSD or designee and the AFGE Local President or designee will meet, view, and discuss the annual leave calendar. The AFGE Local President or designee will be provided a copy of the annual leave calendar. If management makes any subsequent changes to the annual leave calendar, the FSD or designee will provide a copy of the updated annual leave calendar to the AFGE Local President or designee fourteen (14) days prior to implementation. Upon request of the AFGE Local President or designee, the FSD or designee will meet, view, and discuss the updated annual leave calendar

c. If a bargaining unit employee cancels approved annual leave two (2) or more weeks in advance, management will post first-come-first-serve leave slots for the same days on the annual leave calendar.

17.Cancellation of scheduled annual leave: Bargaining unit employees are encouraged to cancel scheduled annual leave no later than two (2) weeks prior to the start of the scheduled leave or as soon as possible.

In Solidarity,

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