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Having a strong membership impacts everything a union does. Management is more responsive when employees stand united as members. TSOs who don't join AFGE signal to TSA management that their workplace life is just fine and no change is needed. If fighting for your federal careers and privatization of your airport, as well as GS pay scale is important to you. Then JOIN your union. YOUR union, AFGE will be the only entity who is going to FIGHT for your careers.  

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With our jobs, benefits, and right to have a voice in the workplace on the line, it's more important than ever that we stand together.

It is more important than ever that we organize, educate, and mobilize our coworkers and friends to stop these cuts. We can't build a better future for our nation by building a worse one for our federal workers.

We've made great progress together. Now we have to keep up the momentum. Let's organize, organize, organize! And you can help us do that! Click here for more information.

All you have to do is turn in the completed 1158-1 and rebate form to your local officials - it's that easy.

Monday July 16th, 2018
11:00 - 1600
Golden Corral
1701 N. Beltine Rd,
Irving, TX

Our TSA Officers Deserve Title 5 Rights

Transportation Security Officers (TSO) keep our skies safe every day - but they still don't have full union rights. It's time they received the resources and respect they have earned.

We have the chance to secure Title 5 rights for all TSO's if the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act of 2017 passes. But we need your help to get it through the House of Representatives.

Why Your Lawmaker Should Support H.R. 2309
Title 5 Rights for TSA Officers

Call your Congressional Law Makers TODAY....Visit the Local 1040 Legislative Page to find out how you can help by contacting your House and Senate representatives.
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Local 1040 lunch and learn Tyler Texas
Local 1040 lunch and learn DAL Aug 01
Local 1040 Hosts Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) Training

On Oct 30óNov 03, 2017 Local  1040 host Council 100 CBA training, training is essential to stewards and Local Officials to provide members representation. Knowledge of the CBA is power. Each and every employee should be knowledgeable of their Collective Bargaining Agreement. Congratulations to the attendees.
Local 1040 hosts Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) and Unitary Dispute Resolution System (UDRS) Training
DFW BUE informed the Local 1040 eBoard of management steps in the intention of issuing notice of unscheduled leave (UA)

There have been some concerns on how management is defining an occurrence. At the Labor/Management (LM) meeting on 3/30/2017, the union asked management if a TSO were to call out sick, and again called out sick the following day, would this be one occurrence. Management explained it would be two occurrences, because the TSO called out twice.
The economy's doing well - so why is our pay on the chopping block?

Our wages, retirement, and health care are all on the administration's hit list. So it's more important than ever before that we stand up and take action.

Click here and read the March/April 2018 edition of the Government Standard to find out how.

Most have no idea what itís like to be a TSA officer. Here are a few little-known facts about the men and women who take the oath of office and protect us all.

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FMLA - The Family and Medical Leave Act guaranteeing employees unpaid time off for family or medical reasons was passed in 1993. Prior to that time, it was very common for employees to lose their jobs when they had a serious illness that required a week or more of time off work...more
#EOhellNo Here’s What You Need to Know:

On Friday, May 25, 2018, Donald Trump issued three executive orders (EOs) targeting your union representation and your rights in the workplace. We will fight back against these executive orders and any unlawful treatment of all federal employees. We need you ready to act and engage as we respond to this egregious and outrageous attack against our work, our country, and our democracy... (Read More)
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Meet the Stewards Event

There have been numerous requests from members to have your Local 1040 Stewards more available. Local 1040 will be having a "Meet The Stewards Event" right here at DFW airport. Your stewards are TSA employees just like you, who are trained union representatives here to assist the bargaining unit employees with your representation. (Details..)

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