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Monday Sept 12, 2016
11:00 - 1500
Golden Corral
1701 N. Beltine Rd, Irving, TX

The Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act, also known as H.R. 4488, would put TSOs on the General Schedule pay scale and provide them with much needed worker protections like the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Being recognized as equal counterparts to their fellow federal employees would greatly improve workplace conditions and lift sagging morale.

“Transportation Security Officers perform an essential public service each and every day at our nation’s airports. Yet, these professionals – who are trying to pay mortgages and rent, send their kids to college, and save for retirement – are not guaranteed the same collective bargaining, health, leave, and other basic rights afforded to most federal employees,” said Congresswoman Lowey.

"Implementing basic worker protections for this critical workforce has been a lengthy fight and it is time for Congress to come together and enact legislation that will grant these frontline security workers the rights and benefits that they deserve,” said Congressman Thompson. “We believe these changes will increase security and will lead to an improved workforce with better morale."

TSOs stopped more than 2,000 firearms from getting on airplanes in 2015 alone but morale continues to sink as they are constantly denied some of the most basic workplace rights. 

“Morale for TSA Officers is at an all-time low,” said AFGE TSA Council President Hydrick Thomas. “We work very hard under some of the most stressful and dangerous conditions, but are treated like second-class employees as compared to the rest of the federal workforce. We just want equal treatment.”

AFGE enthusiastically supports the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act and urges Congress to recognize the daily sacrifices TSA Officers make to protect the flying public. 

“We are very thankful for the support our TSA officers have received from Rep. Thompson and Rep. Lowey over the years,” said AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. “TSOs do a great job ensuring air travelers reach their destinations safely. They deserve to be treated like every other federal employee, and this proposal is a major step in the right direction.”

Local 1040 is calling on all TSO/BDO/STI to support the backing of this bill, H.R. 4488. We need all employees, their families, friends, and neighbors to contact their congress person for your district and urge them to support or co-sponsor the bill so we can get it passed this time.

It's easy to connect you to your elected officials by calling: 202-759-2910. You will be prompt to enter your 5-digit zip code and the # sign.
(If you should have (2) representatives in your zip code area you will receive a prompt to select 1 or 2 depending on your representative's name)

When you are connected to your representative's office. Let them know who you are. Then urge your representative to support or co/sponsor "The Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act of 2016", also known as H.R. 4488. The bill would put Transportation Security Officers on the GENERAL SCHEDULE (GS) pay scale and provide them with much needed worker protections like the FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE Act and the FAIR LABOR STANDARDS Act. TSOs being recognized as equal counterparts to their fellow federal employees would greatly improve workplace conditions and lift the sagging morale."

Thank you for your support.
A new bill introduced by Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi and Congresswoman Nita Lowey of New York would finally grant Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) the same workplace rights as all federal employees, including their colleagues in the Department of Homeland Security.
If This Bill Passes, TSA Officers Will No Longer Be Second-class Employees
A 5.3% Federal Pay Raise Just Got Closer to Reality

Six years of low to no pay increases is enough. That's why AFGE members are leading the charge and demanding a 5.3% pay raise. This time, it looks like Congress is listening.
Read more "

Membership Meeting Mon Sept 12, 2016 1100-1500
Golden Corral 1701 N. Beltline Rd. Irving, TX
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May 12, 2016

Transportation Security Administration Management Practices: Transportation Security Administration Administrator Peter Neffenger and Homeland Security Inspector General John Roth testified at a hearing on airport security and allegations of TSA misconduct. Mr. Neffenger told committee members that taking office in June 2015, he had prioritized counterterrorism, set a renewed focus on security, and retrained the entire workforce. He also said that under his leadership, the TSA reviews management controls regularly and investigates misconduct at every level.

This hearing was the second House Oversight and Government Affairs Committee hearing on TSA management practices and leadership challenges. In the first hearing, TSA employees spoke out against mistreatment and retaliation from upper management.
April 27, 2016

Transportation Security Administration Management Practices: Transportation Security Administration employees testified at a hearing on management practices and TSA misconduct. The witnesses said they were mistreated by senior level officials at TSA, and employees feared retaliation for reporting problems. One employee said he was instructed by management to racially profile Somali-Americans. A report from the inspector general’s office concluded that the TSA had a serious staffing problem, losing more than 100 airport screeners every week.
May 25, 2016
Long Lines, Short Patience: The TSA Airport Screening Experience
The aviation sector remains the crown jewel of targets to terrorist groups like ISIS. The speculation about the crash of Egyptair Flight 804 being a terroris...
May 26, 2016

Airport Security Wait Times Witnesses testified at a hearing on the effects of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening procedures on airports and airlines. The procedures had resulted in long security lines, missed flights, and passengers being stranded at airports. Officials from several airports around that nation and Chicago’s Aviation Department, an airline customer service representative, and the president of the Transportation Security Officers federal employee union discussed such solutions as increasing TSA staffing, expanding the passenger PreCheck program, privatizing security at airports, and granting more flexibility for airports and airlines to make local security decisions.

Brothers & Sisters -

We're Back at the Table
In May, TSOs overwhelming voted against ratification of the proposed collective bargaining agreement. Your vote sent a message to TSA that we won't let them dictate our future. Now, your AFGE TSA Bargaining team is back at the negotiating table fighting for the contract you deserve.

TSA Bargaining Fast Facts:
As we get closer to the ratification voting period, we'll provide you with more information on when and where to vote on the new contract.

TOPS System Reformed

After years of pressuring TSA to fix the broken TOPS system, AFGE TSOs achieved a huge milestone this month when TSA announced big changes for the 2016 performance cycle. The days of two people getting the same rating but different payouts are finally over.

Click here to find out how this decision could affect your wallet.

A TSO's Job Saved
After joking with coworkers in the break room about being overworked, one TSO found her job on the line. A manager overheard and decided the joke, in addition to the TSO's ongoing struggles with sleep deprivation, was cause for termination.

At first, the 14-year veteran of TSA faced termination. Then, it was reduced to a 14-day suspension. After AFGE filed a grievance and the TSO expressed remorse, the suspension was reduced to 5 days. The case went to arbitration and we successfully reduced the suspension to a Letter of Reprimand.

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In solidarity,
Hydrick Thomas
President, AFGE TSA Council 100