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Thursday December 01, 2016
11:00 - 1500
Golden Corral
1701 N. Beltine Rd, Irving, TX

The Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act, also known as H.R. 4488, would put TSOs on the General Schedule pay scale and provide them with much needed worker protections like the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Being recognized as equal counterparts to their fellow federal employees would greatly improve workplace conditions and lift sagging morale.

“Transportation Security Officers perform an essential public service each and every day at our nation’s airports. Yet, these professionals – who are trying to pay mortgages and rent, send their kids to college, and save for retirement – are not guaranteed the same collective bargaining, health, leave, and other basic rights afforded to most federal employees,” said Congresswoman Lowey.

"Implementing basic worker protections for this critical workforce has been a lengthy fight and it is time for Congress to come together and enact legislation that will grant these frontline security workers the rights and benefits that they deserve,” said Congressman Thompson. “We believe these changes will increase security and will lead to an improved workforce with better morale."

TSOs stopped more than 2,000 firearms from getting on airplanes in 2015 alone but morale continues to sink as they are constantly denied some of the most basic workplace rights. 

“Morale for TSA Officers is at an all-time low,” said AFGE TSA Council President Hydrick Thomas. “We work very hard under some of the most stressful and dangerous conditions, but are treated like second-class employees as compared to the rest of the federal workforce. We just want equal treatment.”

AFGE enthusiastically supports the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act and urges Congress to recognize the daily sacrifices TSA Officers make to protect the flying public. 

“We are very thankful for the support our TSA officers have received from Rep. Thompson and Rep. Lowey over the years,” said AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. “TSOs do a great job ensuring air travelers reach their destinations safely. They deserve to be treated like every other federal employee, and this proposal is a major step in the right direction.”

Local 1040 is calling on all TSO/BDO/STI to support the backing of this bill, H.R. 4488. We need all employees, their families, friends, and neighbors to contact their congress person for your district and urge them to support or co-sponsor the bill so we can get it passed this time.

It's easy to connect you to your elected officials by calling: 202-759-2910. You will be prompt to enter your 5-digit zip code and the # sign.
(If you should have (2) representatives in your zip code area you will receive a prompt to select 1 or 2 depending on your representative's name)

When you are connected to your representative's office. Let them know who you are. Then urge your representative to support or co/sponsor "The Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act of 2016", also known as H.R. 4488. The bill would put Transportation Security Officers on the GENERAL SCHEDULE (GS) pay scale and provide them with much needed worker protections like the FAMILY MEDICAL LEAVE Act and the FAIR LABOR STANDARDS Act. TSOs being recognized as equal counterparts to their fellow federal employees would greatly improve workplace conditions and lift the sagging morale."

Thank you for your support.
A new bill introduced by Congressman Bennie Thompson of Mississippi and Congresswoman Nita Lowey of New York would finally grant Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) the same workplace rights as all federal employees, including their colleagues in the Department of Homeland Security.
If This Bill Passes, TSA Officers Will No Longer Be Second-class Employees
Membership Meeting Thurs Dec 01, 2016 1100-1500
Golden Corral 1701 N. Beltline Rd. Irving, TX
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On Oct 11, 2016 4:23 PM, "Alan Jackimowicz" C - 100 wrote:

UPDATES ON TSA/AFGE Contract Negotiations
As usual TSA Management had stacked the books in their favor and even brought newcomer Administrator Peter Neffenger into the competition with a "New Determination" written by TSA Attorneys to make sure that any loopholes that AFGE's lone Attorney, Chad Harris may be beneficial to BUE's would be negated. TSA Attorneys have learned from past negotiations that the AFGE Attorney, Chad Harris, will not hesitate to work every angle and think outside the "Box" which TSA in an attempt to outflank his TSA Legal foes.

The new "Determination" was an added weapon given to TSA Chief Negotiator Jim Spriggs that would open all avenue and the AFGE Bargaining Team knew, that every dirty trick in the TSA book would not be off limits. During the middle of contract negotiations, TSA issued its most recent Determination that outlines labor-management guidelines and rules. In it, they declared many of the contract issues we advocated for as 'non-negotiable.' Because TSA's claim that these items are 'non-negotiable' is simply not true, and that is why AFGE is taking those provisions to arbitration.
The Council 100 Bargaining Team started off strong using a AFGE /B.U.E. Survey to strike TSA Management exactly where they lacked any sense of compassion... TOPS, and disparaging treatment concerning how TOPS would be judged and implemented by Management.

The AFGE Council 100 Bargaining Team cited poorly trained, and incompetent STSO and Management, who didn't bother to read the CBA, as the main reason, for all the confusion.  Many of them never properly documented, and scored our Bargaining Unit Employees. This led to Grievances and an eventual Arbitration win by Council 100.

On area that were negotiable from the last contact TSA Attorneys said, "Non Negotiable!" AFGE can't negotiated on anything that that in the "New Determination."  If TSA Management can't come up with a valid argument against the Union's Demands, then they simply decree that the CBA Article is "Non Negotiable."

TSA even struck through a clause that the Union put in the CBA stating, " Every BUE is important to the Mission and has Worth." TSA struck out the clause and said "TSA Disagrees." This tells the whole story.
AFGE Council 100 .... Scores!
No wait.... TSA Rule Change....
Non Negotiable.
So now we go to the Awards Article. The Council 100 states that since TSA Management was caught with their hands in the "Cookie Jar" then Council 100 wanted a fair and equal distribution of Awards Monies across the board. We even proposed Longevity Pay at 5 Year increments. Fair...Transparent... all Inclusive...Simple. TSA Management saw, that this could eventually kill their Golden Goose. So TSA Upper Management decided, no way...Union.
Congress said, "Don't get caught again. We even asked that the Local Airport JAC be able to oversee the TOPS Awards, so that the Union could point out specific TSA Managers, who decided to lower scores and limit their BUEs from fair and equitable compensation.

AFGE Council 100 .... Scores!
No Wait.... TSA Determination Violation....
Pay and Pay policy
Non Negotiable.

The Parking Article should have been a "Give-Me!" But No... When the Union attempted to memorialize the Paid Parking for 3 Years in the CBA, TSA pushed back. The Union wanted clean, lighted parking and not just in any vacant lot that TSA could have decided to park BUEs vehicles. Eventually, TSA agreed to the 3 Year paid parking, but why did TSA have to deny it in the first place.

The Union asked for absences with Doctors Notes not be considered in Leave Restriction. TSA again refused. We asked for a Fixed Leave calendar so that TSA couldn't use the same days against a BUE twice with regards to Leave Restriction.  The Bargaining Team asked for increased Holiday Pay, 16 Hour One Way Shift Trades, a view-able Leave Calendar, more control over Special Assignments and time limiting them, Up front scoring criteria for TOPS, Child care subsidy, rules on how Overtime would be Determined on a Shift Trade, a New and Fair Dispute Resolution Process, Set Guidelines on how an investigation should be conducted, a 5 Day Annual Leave Buy Back Program payable in December, a new TSA Jacket, that TSA designed, but wants you to pay over $200 for out of your Uniform allotment to buy, the ability to use Gym Equipment that is housed in Customs acres of Airports, and a $200 Cleaning allowance. AFGE Council 100 will be taking these non-agreed upon terms to Arbitration. The cost will probably exceed $100,000 on each side, but we are prepared to fight TSA for a Fair Contract.

The TSA Attorneys Offered Low Pay, a Less the Inclusive Rewards System, and an easier path to Leave Restriction and Termination.
But don't worry TSA has your Back.

I could go on and on, but now the decision looms as to whether or not to vote up, or down on the new CBA. As much as it is far from what our TSA/AFGE Members deserve, we at this time must Vote.

Why you ask?
Well because there are also some gains in the CBA as well. AFGE will send out a breakdown of gains.

If we Vote... Yes, then the agreed upon terms becomes our Contract, and the Non Agreed upon terms will go to Arbitration. We will win many of these non-agreed upon issues in Arbitration. Once an Arbitrator decides, then those issues will be added to the agreed upon terms that we voted on.

If we vote...NO, then the current TSA MDs are our Contract, and only any Arbitration Decision victories will be added. We lose any agreed upon terms.

AS I pointed out TSA Legal knows it manipulates the outcome. Until we get off our butts and convince Congress to Limit ATSA or have the President give us Title 5 Rights, then little will change.

We need to continue to hold Protest Rallies, and write letters to Congress, especially the Oversight Committee, whenever you see TSA Management abuses. I ask that you have specific facts and documentation. Don't spread Rumors. If you are afraid then send the information to the Council 100, and we will make sure that the issues go to the right Congressional Leader. The time to be silent is long past. The Bargaining Team picketed TSA HQ on the day before Negotiations ended. We let TSA Management know that the Bullying Must Stop!

We wish that Child Care, 16 Hour Shift Trades, 5 Days of Annual Leave Buy Back, a fair Leave Restriction Policy, and other simple and non-monetary issues could have been resolved, but TSA Management led by Administrator Neffenger's Determination doesn't appreciate hard working BUEs.
"I've Got Your Back," is just another feel good lie.

TSA Management will only be made accountable with Full Title 5 Rights, and when we achieve these Rights, then TSA Management will have to abide to these changes.

So in the final chapter TSA Management celebrates and eats Steak and Drinks Wine.

The TSOs on the other hand, can't put gas in their car, and go to the store to buy a Quarter Pound of Bologna...Sliced Thin.
This would make for great fiction, if it wasn't true.

Treat Your Workers With Respect!!!

TSA Rich and Rude...We Don't Like Your Attitude!

The Council100 would like to thank AFGE Attorney Chad Harris for his dedication and hard work over the past many years. He played a tough, no nonsense Chief Negotiator role in these negotiations. NVP Joe Flynn who dedicated his time, and expertise to the TSA cause. Joe lost valuable family time to stay in a Hotel and be at the Bargaining Table every day. This is his second TSA Negotiations. Finally, thank you Amelia Glymph, (Field and Services) who kept Chad under control, and blended right in with the Council 100 Bargaining Team. She is truly a TSA Sister.

Look for further information on the CBA Negotiations in the TSO Voice.

The Fight Continues.

In Solidarity,
AFGE Council 100 Bargaining Team

Brothers & Sisters -

Your AFGE TSA Bargaining Team is fighting for a contract that gives you the workplace rights you deserve. What does a fair contract look like? It includes extra pay for holiday work, annual leave buy back, child care subsidies, longevity awards, and a fair grievance and arbitration system.

But, TSA has said no. We have worked hard to present fair proposals and we've tried new approaches. TSA's negotiating team has decided to act like a brick wall. They've argued that the majority of the issues we'd like to discuss are 'non-negotiable.' We believe TSA has the ability to negotiate all of these items. But they have simply chosen not to respect the efforts of its employees to improve the workplace.

Despite the barriers, we have made some progress. TSA has agreed to:

We know this is not enough. Since further progress cannot be made at the negotiating table, we must continue our fight elsewhere. We need you and your colleagues to reach out to your lawmakers and urge them to support Title 5 rights for TSA Officers. We need you to tell them to put pressure on the agency to bargain a fair contract.

Everyone predicted disaster earlier this summer when lines were long. But guess what? Even though you were overworked and understaffed, you made sure that hundreds of thousands of Americans not only made it to their destinations safely, but didn't have to stand in oppressively long lines.

So, even though you won't hear it from the TSA representatives at the negotiating table, we want to say it: Thank you. Thank you for the work you do every day. Thank you for carrying on in difficult conditions. Thank you for standing together for a fair contract. Thank you for protecting the traveling public.

The negotiations conclude at 11:59 pm on Monday, October 3. The ratification voting period will be from October 27 - November 26.

We will follow up soon with more information on how you can take part in the next ratification vote.

In Solidarity,
The TSA Council 100 Bargaining Team