Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP) Form TSA 1128-1 (Format: Word   PDF)
This form must be completed by all TSA employees donating annual leave, sick leave, and/or compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay to an approved TSA leave recipient under the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP)

TSO Representation Handbook

Steward Manual

Womens's Rights and Fair Practices

Fighting Discrimination in the Federal Governement
A Guide for AFGE Representatives

Enforcing New Rights for TSA Officers ( PDF )

Workers' Compensation (On the JOB INJURY)
TSA Employees: You Have a Right to Workers Comp for Job-Related Injuries and Illnesses: 4-page booklet that describes your rights and responsibilities under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA)

OWCP Desk Reference
What a Federal Employee Should Do When Injured At Work down load Form CA-10 Claimant Query System (CQS)

    CA -1  Federal Employee's Notice of Traumatic Injury
               and Claim for Continuation of Pay /
    CA -2  Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for
    CA -2a Notice of Recurrence
    CA -7   Claim for Compensation
    CA -7a Time Analysis Form
    CA -7b Leave Buy Back (LBB) Worksheet/Certification
                 and Election
    CA -16  Authorization for Examination And/Or
    CA -17  Duty Status Report
    CA -20  Attending Physician's Report
    CA -35  Evidence Required in Support of a Claim for
                 Occupational Disease
Family Medical Leave Act Forms (FMLA)
Family Medical  Leave Act (FMLA)
Family Medical Leave Act Form For TSA Employees
Family Medical Leave Act Forms for Family Needs
TSA 2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement (PDF)

To JOIN AFGE Local 1040 dowload the TSA Local 1040 TSA Voluntary Dues Deduction
FORM-1158-1 (Word PDF)

Bonus Bucks Recruiter's Rebate From

AFGE Union Benefits
When you join the union, you have access to these AFGE benefits. These benefits are backed by the collective strength of over 10-million members of AFL-CIO unions. By using one or two of the programs, many members save as much as their annual dues.
Representation and Grievance Forms
Official Time Request TSA Form 1160-6
Union representatives must use this form to request official time

National Resolution Center (NRC) Handbook
HCM 771-4
Grievance Form TSA Form 1115-1
Representation Designation TSA Form 1163-1
Expedited Arbitration Request TSA Form 1123-1
Determination and CBA Dispute Grievance TSA Form 1123-2

TSA Table of Penalty
Guidelines on using the table of offenses and penalties for appropriate discipline for common offences.
Development and Implementation of Human Capital Directives and Policies, dated January 9, 2006
Authority and Responsibility for Human Capital Management, dated June 5, 2009
Seniority and Scheduling, dated August 27, 2010
Absence and Leave, dated July 2, 2008
Handbook; Absence and Leave Handbook dated Oct 5, 2011
Employee Representation, dated June 8, 2011
Personal Representation During Examination or Investigation dated October 31, 2011
Employee Responsibilities and Conduct, dated September 30, 2013
Handbook; Employee Responsibilities and Code of Conduct September 30, 2013
Addressing Unacceptable Performance and Conduct, dated June 3, 2013.
Handbook; Addressing Unacceptable Performance and Conduct
Office of Professional Responsibility, dated April 5, 2012
OPR Appellate Board, dated September 30, 2013
Handbook; OPR Appellate Board September 30, 2013
National Resolution Center January 6, 2013
Handbook; National Resolution Center January 6, 2013
Determination on Transportation Security Officers and Collective Bargaining Dated August 12, 2016

Transportation Security Administration Management Directives